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Mobile Working in the Public Sector

Recently in London, over 240 public sector representatives gathered to discuss the latest advances in mobile working across government, local councils, healthcare and other public services at the Mobile Working in the Public Sector conference. Technology has fostered public sector mobility, driving operational productivity and revenue efficiencies in return. As mobile technology becomes more and … Read more

5 Mobile Messaging Takeaways from #MWC17

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, with the 2017 event attracting more than 108,000 visitors. Here are 5 key takeaways for mobile messaging from Mobile World Conference 2017. 1. Growth in the Enterprise Messaging Market Enterprise messaging is driving the future of communication between businesses and their … Read more

Why Your Pager Isn’t Secure

Pagers, or beepers, have been a trusted ally to the healthcare industry for well over 60 years. The technology was developed back in the 1940s and by the time the ‘80s and ‘90s came, they were firmly clipped to the belts of clinicians. This small radio device is simple to use. It interrupts and alerts … Read more

3 Benefits of Text Alerts for Travel & Transportation

Travel disruptions offer nothing but frustration to passengers. To counteract this, travel companies are proactively sending text alerts to inform passengers of any delays, cancellations or incidents ahead of their trips. Text messaging has an open rate of 98%, and according to Funmobility a click through rate of 36% which beats email performance averages, so … Read more

SMS Security Concerns Push Governments Towards Secure Messaging

SMS Messaging in Government You will likely have received an incident alert, appointment reminder or general announcement from your local government agencies. There are a variety of ways government is incorporating SMS messaging to instantly communicate with the general public. And SMS has proven itself as an effective communication tool. Whilst is widely used, it … Read more

How Safe Are One-Time Passwords?

Security Concerns Banking anytime, anywhere. Now more and more people are moving their lives online and mobile banking and shopping is becoming part of our everyday lives. However when money’s involved, it can become prone to cyber crime. No one likes to think that their systems and networks are vulnerable to attack. However the truth … Read more

3 Ways Retail Can Use SMS for Business

The humble text message, SMS has been with us over 2 decades. SMS is proving itself as an effective enterprise tool. It addresses all the needs – it’s on every device, it’s ubiquitous, it’s immediate, people respond to it, and it provides higher engagement with key stakeholders. With 98% of text messages being read within … Read more

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