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How to Improve Communications with Soprano RCS Business Messaging

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RCS is the new messaging standard that’s revolutionizing the mobile messaging market and provides an excellent opportunity for business and government to engage more deeply with target audiences.
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Author: Jane White

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About Jane White

Jane White is a Product Marketing Manager with a passion for taking multidisciplinary input and turning it into simple, resonating deliverables. As Soprano's PMM, Jane has focused on in-app messaging, sales research, training, and go to market strategies. She has been working for Soprano since February 2020 from Seattle. Do you want to read more articles written by Jane? Click below or visit her LinkedIn page.

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Jane White

SMS hasn’t changed much since the ‘90s. But there’s a new player in message protocols – RCS business messaging or Rich Communication Services – and it’s considered by many to be the future of messaging.

With RCS messaging, there’s no 160-character limit like SMS. It also has no file size limit—so photos, gifs, and even videos are delivered in crystal clear quality. There are also a bunch of other cool features that RCS enables that aren’t possible for SMS, like sending locations, files, read receipts, carousels, buttons, and more.

Despite its capabilities, the market still needs to be 100% mature on the RCS front. In the US, for example, only 40% of people have a phone which can receive an RCS message (i.e. Android). Across the rest of the world, Android is favored by almost 80% of the population, so that many more users can take advantage.

It’s also important to note that 97% of smartphone users worldwide use an alternative messaging service like Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp at least once a day. This means that users are getting used to these enhanced features because these apps all have them.

New channels proliferate quickly and add value – so brands must leverage the benefits of RCS business messaging to remain competitive.

rcs business messaging

How does RCS business messaging improve the effectiveness of communications?

Because RCS has richer content, it can be much more engaging and improve all standard KPIs relating to engagement. That’s one of the most significant benefits from the outset.

Beyond that, however, RCS has the potential to open up innumerable use cases that haven’t been implemented because of its additional actionable capabilities.

For example, share location and open URL CTAs in a mobile message combined with two-way communications open up many possible interactions between a sender and recipient that would not apply to SMS-only campaigns.

Soprano’s RCS business messaging capabilities

Soprano’s RCS messaging is a service to design and deliver RCS messages via the Soprano Connect platform for unified delivery and management of these messages. Soprano’s current version of RCS business messaging has a robust suite of capabilities, including:

  • Portal and API support for the RCS channel (RCS messages can be built in the Soprano UI or our customers’ native systems)
  • Create and send RCS messaging in a drag-and-drop editor
  • Supports “text”, “card”, “suggested replies”, and “carousel” components
  • SMS fallback support (if a device is not compatible with RCS message types, a similar message will be sent via SMS)
  • Support for consent management (opt-in and opt-out responses)
  • Two-way RCS messaging using Inbound
  • Inbound supports any-to-any channel responses (users can trigger RCS/SMS/WhatsApp/Voice channel responses to RCS incoming messages.
  • View RCS order summary and statistics (basic reporting)

The platform’s new capabilities also include the following:

  • Share/view the location
  • Open URL
  • Click-to-dial
  • Video and images with buttons

The Soprano platform is super easy to use and is built to make adding new channels seamless and easy. Soprano’s team analyzes the market to forecast which channels are gaining adoption and then creates the mechanisms to use that channel in a standard interface our customers already know how to use. With low-code and no-code deployments from the app or native integrations, you can diversify and future-proof your multichannel marketing for mobile through Soprano.

RCS is just one example of a more actionable, dynamic channel that Soprano users can utilize through a familiar interface.

What makes Soprano the premier RCS Business Messaging solution?

Mobile messaging is one of the few channels in the rapidly evolving communication industry that has maintained a stable, prominent position in our everyday lives. Content, media, and communications of all kinds have vastly expanded in volume, while the threshold for the significance of published content has dropped to almost rock bottom. As new platforms emerge, increase, and plateau, CPaaS remains a super-reliable and protected channel for critical messaging.

Throughout this evolution, Soprano has worked to build a platform where reputable customers can send messages with critical intent. After 27 years, governments, banks, hospitals, and other vital industries have trusted Soprano to achieve their communication goals. Looking forward, Soprano is evolving with the industry and developing tools to serve hyper-personal messages that are needed and trusted in whatever form they are delivered.

Want to learn more about how RCS Business Messaging can boost your communications? You can now book a personalized consultation with our team.