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How ‘Intelligent’ Enterprises Use Communication Tools For Businesses

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Intelligent, fast and effective communication tools for businesses are key to succeeding in the modern market. Embrace digital transformation and leverage the power and impact of automated, data-driven applications and processes.
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Author: Asha Potla

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Asha Potla is the Director of Product Development at Soprano Design. She has been working in the company since October 2018 and she is based in Sydney, Australia. She has experience in product management and marketing enterprise software. Do you want to read more articles written by Asha? Click below or visit her LinkedIn page.

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‘Intelligent’ enterprises are organizations that have embraced the next phase of digital transformation. They leverage automated processes and analytics-based, data mining tools and applications to make better, data-driven decisions.

Such organizations are not only driven by data, but also invest in creating, developing, and utilising artificial intelligence systems to achieve greater cost efficiencies, improve sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Their use of quick and effective business communication tools lead to greater customer engagement and satisfaction, by providing trusted interactions. In other words, they manage to get the right information, to the right target customers, at the right time.

How ‘intelligent’ communication tools for businesses provide a competitive advantage

With quick and effective communication, businesses are able to have more meaningful communications with their customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction. They are able to get the mind share of the customer faster and more easily than their competitors, and become more ‘trusted’ as well.

Let us look at an airline business as an example. Those who alert their passengers well in advance of a possible flight delay or cancellation are perceived as trustworthy. We can also see the benefits in industries such as healthcare. If a medical imaging practice, for example, advises patients on the availability of their reports or upcoming appointments in a timely manner, they are seen as a lot more efficient and trustworthy than a competitor practice whose communication is slow and delayed. Their customer and patient loyalty will always be a lot stronger.

Communication tools for businesses drive greater customer engagement

Businesses that invest in ‘connected’, ‘automated’ and ‘intelligent’ communication processes inevitably build greater levels of customer engagement. It isn’t hard to see why. For instance, if you send a customer something you already know they’re interested in, through the channel, and at the time, you know they prefer, you’re far more likely to trigger a response. They also start to trust that future communications from you will be relevant, meaning they are more likely to engage with it next time, too.

Conversely, if you send a customer a communication they have opted out of receiving (for example, banks legally have to give customers the option of not receiving communications), their trust in your business decreases and that leads to poor engagement from that customer.

Another good example of the benefits of quality business communication tools can be found in the case of online retail companies. If an e-commerce site can automatically tell a customer about their latest offers and discounts within a few minutes of that customer abandoning their shopping cart, there is a higher probability of converting their visit back into a sale. This is because those moments immediately after a cart is abandoned are the best time to re-attract a customer. An automated, ‘intelligent’ communication process can end up making a big difference in this type of scenario.

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