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A Frost & Sullivan Virtual Think Tank

Digital Transformation for Enterprise

This past year, Soprano joined with Frost and Sullivan to convene panels of experts in retail, government, healthcare and finance to discuss the role of CPaaS in elevating and innovating their customer engagement. Below are the reports for each of these conversations, which will provide you with valuable insights into how industry leaders are rethinking their digital communications with their customers, patients and citizens.

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Digital Interactions and Transformation for Financial Institutions

Frost and Sullivan, along with Soprano Design, recently convened a discussion with finance leaders to learn how the pandemic impacted their digital transformation initiatives and how they are leveraging enterprise CPaaS to improve the end-to-end CX.

  • Accelerating assistance with digital communications
  • Managing thoughtful communications throughout the customer journey
  • The future of in-person and digital experiences
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Driving Vaccinations with Digital Communications

Frost and Sullivan, along with Soprano Design, recently convened a discussion with public health leaders to learn how they leveraged digital communications to deploy and accelerate vaccination programs in their communities.

  • The challenges of communicating with diverse audiences
  • Combatting misinformation with a consistent message across channels
  • Key takeaways
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Building a Retail Customer Engagement Strategy to Improve Sales and Brand

Frost and Sullivan, along with Soprano Design, recently convened a discussion with retail leaders to learn how their organizations made the pivot from in-person customer interactions to online and digital, and the role of CPaaS technologies in that transition.

  • Rethinking the customer experience and engagement
  • Turning digital transformation from necessity into strategy
  • Key takeaways for the retail sector

Global Communication Solutions for Large Enterprise & Government

Soprano brings over 25 years of experience with enterprise-level mobile messaging to each of our clients. That’s why over 150 of the Global Forbes 2000 companies and large government organisations on four continents trust us with their communications to their own consumers, employees, patients and citizens every year.

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