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Integrated SOLUTIONS

Internet of Things

Leverage Next Generation Messaging for Internet of Things (IOT)

internet of things rcs messaging

IoT & RCS A2P Messaging

In the age of automation where interconnected devices are helping enterprises communicate with consumers automatically and immediately, SMS becomes an integral part of IOT applications. RCS A2P messaging, the next generation SMS with enhanced features unlocks many possibilities when combined with the emerging IOT technologies – bringing it together by having the right interaction with the right message and at the right time.

IoT touches many industries, including healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing. These industries implement Soprano’s RCS A2P messaging to trigger automatic mobile alerts, notifications and reminders from their IoT applications or devices to engage and interact with customers and employees.

IoT Messaging

The Value of IoT Messaging

  • New Revenue Generating Capabilities
  • Cloud Delivered Customer Applications
  • Replenishment Management
  • Remotely controlled Products
  • Configuration and Warranty Management
  • Authentication API
  • Track and Locate Inventory
  • Leverage Usage Data
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Compliance and Audit Reporting
Business internet of things messaging

Enable Infrastructure, Communications and Business Models

Implementing Communication and Collaboration into Business

  • A secure, scalable Interactive Messaging solution.
  • Create additional value with current & future IoT solutions.
  • Developers can meet complex integration needs with a rich set of APIs.
  • SMS APIs can coincide with machine alert notifications.
  • Enhance global alerts to collaborative stakeholders.
  • Intelligently connect and automate communications between people, devices and workflows.

IoT Use Cases with SMS and RCS A2P

Deliver more intuitive and engaging interactions

  • Locate Assets Deploy IoT to enable vehicles to send coordinates and other information via SMS, and they send the unit an SMS to discover its location, speed data, and more.
  • Enable Remote Access Use inbound SMS to remotely unlock vehicles, with a signal broadcast back to unlock and enable the car to start and drive.
  • Integrate with Systems Use broadcast messages for contract employees, assembly line updates, and critical internal communication with mobile messaging.
  • Intelligent Security Alarm Systems Set events with alarm systems throughout homes, for example receive an IOT RCS alert when a certain entrance is triggered such as the front door.
  • Track Home Activity Set SMS alerts for certain actions, for example tracking when children return home from school or when the air conditioning has been on for too long to avoid high utility fees.
  • Triggered Alerts Automate alerts for specific activities, for example when the front gate is opened or for reminders to take out the recycling on specific dates.
  • Customer Notifications IOT RCS alerts can be generated automatically from monitoring systems to customers for outages, payment reminders and confirmation, and products/services.
  • Minimise Disruption Attain long-term performance and serviceability with mobile messaging engineering innovations that reduce costs and improve automation control. Receive RCS A2P alerts if production faults occur.
  • Service Announcements Automate critical notifications, shut off and activation notices, and service information based on information triggered from IOT internal systems
Business Messaging revenue

Increase Revenue

Streamline communications

Streamline communications

Reduce messaging costs

Reduce costs

Messaging time investments

Save Time

Messaging automation