Soprano Wins Consensus Software Award for 2007

Soprano Design is proud to announce that it has won the Consensus Software Award for 2007 for its SOPRANO StaffMatch application. The Consensus Software Awards are the only independently judged software awards for Australian and New Zealand software. This year there were 24 finalists.

SOPRANO StaffMatch is an online application that automates the process of distributing, allocating and confirming shift rosters via SMS messaging.

According to the judge’s citation: “This product provides an efficient solution to the difficult business task of polling casual staff to fill shift positions. It offers bi-directional communication between the organization and its pool of staff.

The innovative use of SMS telephony with the potential for extension to MMS and email communication, to automate the process of offering shifts, confirming acceptances and reporting outcomes, makes StaffMatch a valuable time-saving device.

It has added benefits in the capability to accommodate a range of individual staff constraints and shift allocation rules, with associated benefits in employee satisfaction.

StaffMatch has demonstrated its capability in the Australian market and has significant potential in local and international markets for application to organizations using a medium to large pool of casual staff.”

“Our success in the Consensus Awards for 2007 is not only wonderful recognition for our team but also validates our vision for applying messaging technologies to automating time consuming processes and reducing costs for businesses”, said Dr Richard Favero, Soprano Design’s CEO. “SMS is no longer just a consumer toy but a genuine business tool”.

About SOPRANO StaffMatch

SOPRANO StaffMatch harnesses the power of SMS to automate a costly and time-consuming business processes such as the allocation of shifts to shifts to a rostered, casual or part-time workforce.

With SOPRANO StaffMatch there are no more costly, time-consuming ring-arounds. You simply define your shift (date, time, location, duration), set the type and number of positions you need to fill (eg 2 chefs, 3 bar staff, 1 security person) and press send. SOPRANO StaffMatch will send an SMS message to all staff in your pool that meet the criteria you have selected. Your staff simply reply with a ‘y’ or a ‘n’ and SOPRANO StaffMatch allocates the shift to the first ‘y’ response(s) received and sends an acknowledgement to the successful bidder(s). SOPRANO StaffMatch also advises unsuccessful bidders accordingly.

The orderer has full visibility (real time) of the staff who answered ‘y’, ‘n’ or who provided no response at all.