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Two Way Messaging Reduces Missed Medical Appointments

The strain of missed medical appointments is echoed worldwide.

Patient no-shows lead to delays in treatment, longer wait times for appointments for other patients and astronomical costs for medical practices.

In fact, in January 2019 NHS England reported that 15 million GP appointments are missed annually, which likely wastes over £200 million each year.

If a patient doesn’t arrive for their appointment nurses, clinicians and specialists aren’t tending to patients. However if they were to reschedule or cancel their appointment in advance, medical staff become available to treat others who need care and attention.

Healthcare organisations are realising that calling patients to confirm appointments is both a time train and expensive. Which is why they’re seeking healthcare digital transformation solutions to engage with patients.

Two way messaging has already proven to reduce missed medical appointment rates by up to 39%, easing communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Soprano’s messaging platform provides healthcare communication solutions globally, including the UK where over 50 million two-way messages are sent every month.

Learn how Soprano is helping to reduce the cost of missed medical appointments using a sophisticated mobile messaging platform for SMS appointment reminders in the video below.

Patients can receive customised appointment reminders to their mobile phone, with instructions on how to confirm, cancel or reschedule.

With notice of cancellations, medical practices can reallocate an appointment to high priority and wait-listed patients.

Top 3 Benefits of Two Way Messaging:

  1. Reduce phone calls: Save time and resource by reducing the number of manual phone calls to patients.
  2. Automatic reminders: Send appointment reminders automatically and receive responses automatically to save time and help patients follow their care plans.
  3. Bulk messaging: Reach all or groups of patients with important information like updated office hours and health testing services.

Too much money is being wasted in the healthcare sector because of missed medical appointments.

Soprano’s innovative communication platform can help you to reduce the number of missed appointments and enable remote citizen centric care.

Unleash our two-way messaging solution and keep patients engaged today!