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Juan Pablo Salazar é o Director de Marketing de Campo da LATAM na Soprano Design, trabalhando com a empresa desde Junho de 2011 e está sediado na Colômbia. Juan Pablo é um forte crente no CX, e trabalha traduzindo a marca global e a estratégia de marketing numa vasta gama de iniciativas de marketing local/regional, para o mercado latino-americano. Quer ler mais artigos sobre Juan Pablo? Clique abaixo para ler mais artigos ou visite a sua página no LinkedIn.

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How Soprano CPaaS Can Support Your Black Friday Strategy

Black Friday is one of the most critical commercial dates in sales globally for businesses. Ensuring that your marketing strategies for such an event are on track and targeted are critical success factors. Discover a proven and incredibly simple way to support your Black Friday marketing strategy today.


CPaaS Leaders: How to make the best choice

Are you looking for a tool to help you manage your marketing and sales communications in one place? Is it possible for you to consolidate all of your digital messaging in a single platform so you can connect better with customers and stakeholders?

Now you can, with a secure and smarter enterprise mobile communication solution. Find out how Soprano’s powerful Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can drive more value for your business communication strategy.


Why is Soprano the right technology partner for your business?

At Soprano, we’re not just a supplier. We’re a true technology partner to our clients, and we see ourselves as an extension of their business. Our global expertise and experience means our understanding of different markets, industries and technologies is unparalleled, and it allows us to implement solutions that address each client’s unique needs.


The Role of Mobile Devices for CX in Retail

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The modern customer is more informed than ever before, with the ability to easily research products and services before purchasing. Mobile devices enable quick comparisons between suppliers – traditional customers, of course, would need to visit multiple stores to gain any comparison points on pricing and quality.