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Juan Pablo Salazar

Juan Pablo Salazar is the LATAM Field Marketing Manager at Soprano Design, he has been working in the company since June 2011 and he is based in Colombia. Juan Pablo is a strong believer in CX, and he works translating the global brand and marketing strategy into a wide range of local/regional marketing initiatives, for the Latin American market. Do you want to read more articles about Juan Pablo? Click below to read more articles or visit his LinkedIn page.

Posts by Juan Pablo Salazar:

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How finance organisations are adapting to the demands of the post-pandemic customer

Within the financial services industry, the pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumers’ expectations, particularly on how they use the services. As a result, finance organisations have had to race to adapt to this rapidly changing consumer behaviour. In this post, we will look at how the expectations of the financial consumer have evolved … Read more


In the New World of Remote Work, Communication Is More Important Than Ever

A lot has changed since the start of 2020, not least for the business world. With the majority of organisations affected by COVID-19 in one way or another, the first half of the year has come with its fair share of challenges. But, as is often the case, these difficulties have bred resilience and highlighted … Read more


The Role of Mobile Devices for CX in Retail

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The modern customer is more informed than ever before, with the ability to easily research products and services before purchasing. Mobile devices enable quick comparisons between suppliers – traditional customers, of course, would need to visit multiple stores to gain any comparison points on pricing and quality.

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Automated, bulk voice calls: A step forward in customer interaction

Consumers demand bidirectional interaction with their suppliers on multiple channels. Communication usually begins with the consumer, but you can also generate significant interactions in the opposite direction. Voice messaging is an innovative, direct, personalized and efficient channel being used by more and more businesses. Voice messaging can be used as an alternative to email or … Read more