Improve Employee Engagement with HR Messaging

Employee Engagement

Why should you think about your employees’ engagement?

Well first of all, an engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Studies by the Gallup Organization have proven that improving employee engagement increased productivity by up to 22%.

But what is employee engagement? Quite simply it is employees wanting to come to work, understanding their roles and feeling that they impact the success of the organisation.

Worryingly, 70% of employees in the US are not engaged with their jobs, with disengaged workers outnumbering engaged workers nearly 2 to 1.

But don’t despair, all hope for communication in HR is not lost. You can quickly and easily improve employee engagement using a device that nearly every person has – a mobile phone.

Whether it’s communicating a company update, scheduling shifts or fostering remote worker collaboration, mobile professional HR solutions engage your workforce. Read on to learn more.

Secure Team Chat

There is an abundance of mobile team collaboration apps that foster communication no matter where your workforce is located.

However it’s important to select an application that allows for sensitive and confidential information to be exchanged.

Take our Soprano GAMMA application for example. Its triple layer of encryption means your employees can communicate securely and reliably, with the peace of mind that confidential information is protected.

The unique advantage of GAMMA is that messages can be set to expire after a specific timeframe, apply content masking and remotely wipe messages for any recipient.

Company Announcements

Email inboxes are a chaotic space and company announcements can get missed amongst the noise.

Reach team members in an instant, actively engage employees with SMS. The reach of SMS is paramount, 88% of BYOD users use their mobile for work purposes.

Send corporate-wide announcements and urgent incident notifications to local and remote users worldwide.

How about taking your employee engagement to the next level by fostering two way flows of communication. Enable employees to submit their feedback to announcements by using mobile forms and inbound messaging.

Workforce Staffing Solutions

When you’re workforce is under resourced, what is your staffing and recruiting process?

First thing’s first, you’d probably reach for your contact book and telephone, then start making a series of calls. When you can’t reach people, you’ll leave voicemails. As a last resort you might fire off a few emails. And then you’ll patiently wait.

Mobile messaging can take away the pain of resource staffing and shift fulfilment. Shift availability can be sent via SMS and candidates can respond with the push of a button. Successful candidates can even receive regular emails or texts before their shifts begin. This is a perfect solution for a resource staffing agency looking to find temporary workers quickly.

And why is SMS staffing effective? Quite simply because 97% of text messages are read within 3 minutes and the entire process can be automated meaning time spent on HR staffing processes can be much more productive.

Increase Remote Worker Safety

37% of the workforce works remotely, which can make it difficult to make employees feel valued.

Matters are further complicated for field workers who travel between destinations or work during the night.

This is one of the reasons we launched our powerful StaffSafe welfare solution. SMS is delivered to the workers phone to verify their status at regular intervals.

StaffSafe enables you to:

  • Provide duty of care to your remote and mobile staff
  • Keep in contact with your field staff without the time and cost associated with manual calls
  • Minimise the impact of workplace injury within your organisation
  • Enable staff to rapidly escalate incidents to duty management

Reporting Harassment

Workplace bullying is estimated to cost Australian businesses between $6 to $36 billion dollars every year.

Utilise inbound messaging to allow employees to report any workplace harassment or abuse issues directly to HR via a 100% anonymous SMS text message helpline.

By protecting employees’ privacy and providing anonymity encourages more people to come forward with a report. This gives HR teams the opportunity to resolve the problem before it can escalate.

HR can now take efficient measures to improve employee engagement by harnessing the full power of mobile messaging.