Infographic: How WhatsApp for Business Improves Customer Experience

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Customers do not just purchase products and services, but experiences. Do you know 64% of people think customer experience is more important than price in choosing a particular brand?

At the same time, digital transformation has also changed over the years. Service organizations initially focused on websites for desktop users but shifted to mobile app experiences with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets.

However, despite significant investment and promotion, most organizations have failed to gain strong customer adoption of their service apps.

80% of customer-first organizations will abandon native mobile Apps in favour of messaging by 2025.


Good news! As we explain in our WhatsApp for Business guide, WhatsApp is an easy fix to enhance your customer communications and improve customer experience. It empowers businesses to be more proactive in interacting with customers, and in the most engaging way possible.

Customer loyalty is the source of true value for your business, and this comes from the experience you provide, not just the product or price you offer. Without an engaging experience, customers have less reason to stick with you.

Customers’ expectations have also evolved to be more immediate. They prefer simplified experiences.

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Increasingly, businesses also need to be able to address customer inquiries round-the-clock and your communications platform needs to be able to support this.

Why is WhatsApp such a powerful communications platform for your business to engage customers?

  • Because not only is it the favourite mobile messaging app worldwide – with 2 billion users – it is also interactive and secure.
  • Your business can be there for customers 24/7. You can further integrate conversational AI to automate responses and help customers quickly when needed.

You can also get creative in integrating WhatsApp into your communication strategies:

  • Inventive marketing campaigns: Use Facebook and Instagram ads that click to WhatsApp to initiate customer conversations that lead to sales.
  • Digital catalogs: To help customers discover your products and services with the opportunity to chat with them directly to provide recommendations and to address their questions.
  • Support customers: Significantly reduce reliance on call centers by ‘outsourcing’ simple customer requests and queries to a conversational AI- powered WhatsApp digital assistant.

According to our infographic, WhatsApp is the favourite mobile messaging app with over 2 billion users worlwide. It helps businesses enhance their customer communciations and improve their customer experience.

64% of people think customer experience is more important than price in their brand choice.

It’s a fact that customer experience is crucial to gain customer loyalty. Our research found that 86% of consumers would buy again after a good customer experience vs. only 13% who would buy again after a poor customer experience.

So… How can WhatsApp Business enhance customer experience?

  • It’s interactive: It allows you to create configurable templates and scripted conversations, send files, and manage lists and consent.
  • It’s engaging: You can build meaningful interactions by communicating with your customers from their favourite mobile app.
  • It’s secure: WhatsApp communication is private and safe. It also has communications policies to avoid spam.

Plus, WhatsApp Business API allows you to automate responses and quickly solve your customers’ enquiries using AI chatbots.

82% of customers expect immediate responses to sales and marketing questions.

Check out our new WhatsApp Business infographic and discover its importance for an effective communication strategy!

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