Best Practices for Writing an Effective Chatbot Script

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It is not enough to stay on trend with how businesses communicate these days. It is important that the tools and resources used are deployed effectively. Increasingly made available, chatbots are amazing tools offering versatility, convenience and speed. They also assist in delivering better brand impact. That said, there are important considerations to keep in mind when offering chatbots and writing effective chatbot scripts. Learn more below.
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Author: Morgan Berman

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Many businesses use chatbots to communicate and engage with their customers. To increase customer satisfaction when they interact with your chatbot, it’s useful to develop an effective chatbot script.

The goal is to map out possible interactions, keep things natural and enable the conversation to keep going.

What goes into developing a chatbot script

If it is well-written, your chatbot script can reduce an agent’s workload while creating a positive perception of your company. However, when building your chatbot, it is important to have a clear strategy and to define the purpose that your chatbot serves well before you start developing the script itself.

The length of your script will depend on the amount of information you choose to share with your customer. Define the tasks and capabilities the chatbot should have before you start developing the content. Be clear, concise and direct. As much as possible, provide information in easy-to-digest chunks.

Making your chatbot script engaging and easy to read

It goes without saying that your script should be engaging. The chatbot must have a personality and reflect your business brand. For starters, write out the conversation on a piece of paper and review it to make sure it sounds natural before you publish it.

The conversation must appear smooth, just like a real conversation would be. The chatbot must be able to respond as quickly and as completely as possible.

Let’s come back to personality. Your chatbot is your company’s business card, in a way. It needs to capture the attention of customers who are visiting your web page.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that your chatbot script is not only engaging but efficient:

  • Ensure your chatbot introduces himself by greeting the user.
  • Right after its introduction, your chatbot must ask a question that captures the user’s attention.
  • Information provided should be kept short and relevant.
  • Ensure that you set up an automatic response in the event the chatbot cannot respond or is not able to understand the user’s request.
  • Offer a few options, such as the possibility of talking to a live agent or receiving a callback from an agent within a given timeframe.

Other possible challenges for your chatbot script

Chatbots have great benefits but can pose challenges from time to time. It could be that the chatbot simply lacks the capacity to address the issue raised.

The request for information may be misunderstood and so the response given is incorrect. Or there may not be any agents available to take the call. If you provide a live chat option, it is critical that agents are readily available to take a call and that they get in touch with the user immediately.

At other times, it could simply be the tone of the chatbot which is somehow not aligned with the company. When this occurs, it has the potential to create uncertainty and mistrust with the customer.

This can be magnified when there is a lack of personalization. With this in mind, it’s important that your chatbot can recognize certain behaviors, such as knowing that the user has already visited the website page, in order to provide more targeted responses.

Small yet necessary chatbot script elements

When a user interacts with your chatbot, they are displaying interest in your company. Therefore, it is important that essential information is provided to them.

In practical terms, this means ensuring that the content provided by the chatbot reflects the page on which the user is on. There should always be a ‘learn more’ or similar option available so the user can get more details as they require.

The information should be synthesized yet effective, allowing the user to understand what your company does and how you stand out from others. The chatbot should also offer additional resources, whether that is downloadable content (whitepapers, reports, case studies or in-depth guides) or links to other pages on the website.

Seamless chatbot implementation

Soprano customers are empowered through omnichannel chatbots. Our no-code chatbots are easy to implement, and they can be integrated with anything that you use (whether that’s APIs, services, channels and software). Designed for large enterprises, our chatbots contain many useful features such as process automation, live-chat, ticketing and multi-language capability.

Artificial intelligence is a key element powering the chatbot. It can come in many forms, one of which is Natural Language Processing (NLP). This strengthens their capability in understanding customer intent and in providing suitable answers to customer queries.

Discover more about engaging your customers with our conversational AI chatbots today.