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CPaaS Leaders: How to make the best choice

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Are you looking for a tool to help you manage your marketing and sales communications in one place? Is it possible for you to consolidate all of your digital messaging in a single platform so you can connect better with customers and stakeholders? Now you can, with a secure and smarter enterprise mobile communication solution. Find out how Soprano’s powerful Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can drive more value for your business communication strategy.
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Author: Juan Pablo Salazar

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Juan Pablo Salazar é o Director de Marketing de Campo da LATAM na Soprano Design, trabalhando com a empresa desde Junho de 2011 e está sediado na Colômbia. Juan Pablo é um forte crente no CX, e trabalha traduzindo a marca global e a estratégia de marketing numa vasta gama de iniciativas de marketing local/regional, para o mercado latino-americano. Quer ler mais artigos sobre Juan Pablo? Clique abaixo para ler mais artigos ou visite a sua página no LinkedIn.

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The Importance of Picking a Global CPaaS Provider

Engaging in global business can be extremely exciting, and yet fraught with challenges. CPaaS leaders have the ability to ensure consistency on a global level while also embracing the needs of the local market.

Each country (and even individual regions and territories) that you choose to expand into and grow your business has its own set of policies, laws and regulations, culture, languages, currency as well as business customs and conventions.

These are not always so easily understood. Supporting customers in each market involves coming to terms with the unique characteristics of that market. It calls for an alignment between the needs and behaviors specific to that market and your business goals and objectives.

It is for this reason that CPaaS providers will ensure they maintain a local presence. This assists them in understanding local nuances and contexts, and thereafter, adapting and offering more personalized solutions.

While customers expect to receive the same experience and environment when they interact with a global company, they also want a more localized experience, reflective of their situation.

The Value of Choosing a Global CPaaS Market Leader

Importance of selecting a CPaaS leader with deep experience across regions

CPaaS is a way for you to meet your customers, employees or service users where they are. Whether customers choose to use voice, SMS, messaging or social media, you are able to pick the conversation up and move easily between different channels, to provide a seamless customer experience.

Naturally, you’ll select a global CPaaS company who is a clear market leader. Such a leader supports customers in multiple geographies. They are able to consistently tap into new use cases for the solutions they offer. They obtain more in-depth intelligence on market demand for such solutions in terms of new functionality, product or service capability as well as new channels and solutions.

However, once proven successful, this use case can then be exported to new regions and applied across other industries. In much the same way, if new functionalities, capacities or applications are determined and made available, these too can be made available to more customers and regions. However, in order for this to occur, the use case must be well studied and validated beforehand.

Three distinct advantages gained when working with CPaaS leaders

First, global presence translates into deep experience for a CPaaS market leader. Internally, they have the resources and expertise for robust data management and analytics. This enables the provider to leverage insights and discoveries gained by their local presence.

Consequently, it becomes easier and faster for such a provider to design and bring to market a powerful communication solution. Local market insights drive further personalization of the solution. This creates a more in-tune, purposeful solution that instinctively meets customer needs.

Second, CPaaS leaders are known for consistent, reliable service delivery and range. Their local presence calls for an investment in local talent and resources that are specifically tailored to the local customer experience.

The Value of Choosing a Global CPaaS Market Leader

Customers with regional or global presence can rest assured that they are able to address all of their communications needs, across geography, with a single provider. They gain the same assurances, service guarantees and level of attention they are accustomed to, wherever they are located.

Third, CPaaS leaders complement their offering with superb after-sales service and support. This provides a clear signal to their customers that they are interested in building a long-term relationship, in earning loyalty and retaining their business. This guarantee of 24/7 support can be one of the biggest factors in cementing this partnership and customer retention.

What does this after-sales service and support look like? When a CPaaS market leader is present locally, the advantage lies in the face to face connection, the personalized touches and attention to detail that can so easily be missed otherwise. These elements can sway the experience from good to great.

Soprano’s difference with other CPaaS leaders

With a global presence and over 27 years of experience supporting companies with a full suite of communication software solutions, Soprano is the right technology partner to unleash your communication potential.

Praised by top analyst firms in the world, our CPasS communication platform enables you to control and design your unique communication experiences, however it evolves. This means implementing new capabilities and functionalities as you see demand grow in your local markets. All through a secure, centralized omnichannel experience that engages and delights.

Are you keen to refine the way you engage with your customers? If you’re looking for ways to connect with and support customers at their convenience, then take a look at Soprano’s CPaaS solution.