Soprano Design Launches SOPRANO Cipher

Soprano Design Limited, the world’s leading provider of enterprise messaging solutions that accelerate Mobile Network Operator (MNO) revenue, has announced the launch of SOPRANO Cipher. SOPRANO Cipher is an end-to-end messaging encryption service integrated within the award-winning SOPRANO Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS). SOPRANO Cipher enables MNOs to offer their enterprise customers secure delivery of messages that contain personal data.

SOPRANO Cipher utilises strong encryption to provide an enhanced level of protection for healthcare, finance and government organisations who communicate sensitive information to their staff and customers through the mobile channel. The advanced solution meets industry requirements for regulators of messaging security and personal data, allowing enterprises to provide a Duty of Care to protect sensitive data and prevent internal privacy threats.

Offered to Enterprise and Government organisations by Mobile Networks Operators, SOPRANO Cipher secures the messaging communications channel from the applications and APIs within the cloud-based SOPRANO Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) to an MNO-branded mobile application. SOPRANO Cipher is available across mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, J2ME and Windows 7 mobile.

“SOPRANO Cipher, the latest application in the SOPRANO Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS), offers up new opportunities for Mobile Network Operators to enrich enhanced services that they currently offer to their enterprise customers,” said Peter Cleary, Product Manager, Soprano Design. “Personal data protection is becoming important for both employees and consumers. Adding the mechanism to protect this information provides the opportunity for enterprises to build trust with their communities when exchanging sensitive personal data and enables them to automate more key business communications via the mobile channel”.

Soprano Design continues to provide value-added messaging solutions to both MNOs and their enterprise and government customers. With deployments spanning four continents Soprano continues to lead innovation with a growing suite of ready built vertical applications that open the unique capability and power of mobile network messaging to increase enterprise and government productivity. SOPRANO will be showcasing SOPRANO Cipher and other SOPRANO Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite applications at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.