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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Enterprise Communication Platform

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Soprano's communication solutions are easy to use for enterprise customers, ensuring consistency and reliability in their business messaging services. We help businesses create trusted and meaningful interactions with their customers, and to bring value to their conversations.
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Author: Carrine Tan

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About Carrine Tan

Carrine Tan is a Business Development Manager at Silverstreet, acquired by Soprano Design on December, 2020. Carrine is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and he is responsible for handling the lead generation and the acquisition of new clients for local and international markets as well as maintaining the existing relationships with customers and solving their issues. Do you want to read more articles written by Carrine? Click below or visit his LinkedIn page.

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Organisations today communicate with their customers over a wide range of channels using an enterprise communication platform. However, my customers often tell me it’s difficult to find a scalable, reliable solution, with in-built security infrastructure, that allows coordination, management, and reporting on this messaging all from the one place.

Here are some of the modern challenges in the space and how we do it differently at Soprano.

The common challenges of traditional enterprise communication platforms

  • Lack of support for non-technical users. Business communication services are quite common and widely used. However, some of these platforms are extremely complicated to configure for someone who has no IT background. This leaves users frustrated whenever they need to make some changes or create a new communication flow.
  • Security and compliance. Other than the actual comms features, when an organisation starts to dig a bit deeper into their solution’s compliance and message security features, many of the solution providers don’t meet business and government standards.
  • SMS delivery worldwide. Many businesses require a global messaging platform, with a trusted and reliable SMS provider who can send mission-critical messages without delays or non-delivery issues. Full global coverage for mobile messaging along with high delivery rates can be difficult to find with communication platform providers.

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The advantages of choosing a unified enterprise communication platform

A unified enterprise communication platform effectively communicates with your customers via the channels they love to use. This means that customer service can now address customer inquiries via different channels, all from a single dashboard.

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With a unified platform, you can generate messaging reports for multiple communication channels, either for combined insights or per channel. It is also efficient for internal training, as when new staff join they only have to familiarise themselves with a single platform.

For security, it’s a one-system entry point, rather than multiple.

How Soprano’s business communication services solution helps companies

Soprano’s CPaaS platform helps companies navigate communication complexities, as well as boosting efficiency and productivity.

Our cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can, for instance, simplify and automate daily processes for many use cases. Some examples include:

  • Instant, automated appointment reminders
  • Application status updates for each stage of a job application
  • Parcel delivery status notifications for logistics
  • Mission-critical messaging and global reach with Soprano

Soprano has over 4,500 clients worldwide, with more than 150 of the Forbes Global 2000 firms picking Soprano as their technology partner of choice.

We have reliable global SMS coverage, having partnered with 13 global channel providers to support large organisations who want to serve customers in multiple regions.

With over 25 years of experience in the mobile messaging industry, we now handle over 10 billion mission-critical messages annually. Our customers include large enterprises and government departments, including banks, hospitals, and universities.

  • Security and compliance are a top priority.

Organisations have compliance and security concerns when they are exploring new communication services in the market. They are concerned about customer data loss and regulatory compliance, with many messaging providers missing the mark.

Soprano ensures messaging data encryption by hosting our cloud-based platform in industry-leading data centres. Additionally, we guarantee compliance because our Soprano Connect platform is ISO 27001 certified. The Soprano platform has implemented many features to fulfil legal compliance requirements, such as IP access control, consent management, and visibility control.

  • Software specifics

Soprano has the flexibility to allow our customers to send out messages via our web-based platform, Soprano Connect, without any complex integration needed. Our Connect API handles all conversations via a single API, which is rarely seen from other vendors. This saves significant time in systems rollout and maintenance.

In addition, our customers can easily configure automated messages via our Soprano Connect platform, without any API integration needed. With just a few simple steps, they can create auto-response messages with our Inbound feature.

  • Soprano’s unique expertise in the enterprise communication platform market

Soprano is passionate about implementing exceptional products and solutions through constant innovation and integrity. We always work closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges and objectives in detail, before advising possible solutions.

To make sure we remain being one of the CPaaS leaders, we minimise the complexities of managing multiple communication channels behind the scenes. Our communication solutions are easy to use for enterprise customers, ensuring consistency and reliability in their business messaging services. We help businesses create trusted and meaningful interactions with their customers, and to bring value to their conversations.

I know our solution is a great fit for many companies, but don’t just take my word for it – check out our Playbook “10 Tips To Create An Effective Business Case For CPaaS”