SOPRANO GAMMA wins the Appsters award for Best Enterprise App in Europe


We’re pretty excited to announce that we just won an Appsters award! Our secure mobile enterprise messaging app SOPRANO GAMMA was awarded Best Enterprise App for Europe in 2014.

“The Appster awards held annually is a must-attend for the who’s who in the world of apps. The award winners are decided by a judging panel of independent experts, delivering plaudits to worthy winners across key categories.
For 2014 we will be rewarding over 16 categories including several new categories introduced for this year’s awards, which show the development of the sector in the past 12 months.”

This isn’t the first award GAMMA has racked up: we also won an iAward in September.

Why is GAMMA impressing so many judging panels?

It’s breaking barriers

SOPRANO GAMMA is breakthrough technology for enterprise mobile messaging. The user interface is intentionally designed to have a simple “SMS-like” feel, preserving the productivity and immediacy of an SMS experience but deployed in a mission-critical and secure environment.

It’s global, mobile, and secure

The app is available for iOS and Android and introduces several inventions that are highly relevant for enterprise productivity, including global ubiquitous reach using an integrated IP+SMS switching capability that delivers our multimedia IP experience to online users.

Three layers of security (encrypted channel and message content plus patent-pending key encryption) help enterprises meet global standards for security.

It’s integrated

Finally, sophisticated APIs and central admin capabilities extend all of these features to existing business applications.

It’s easy

Best of all for users, the app’s most important features are a single touch away in an interface that’s as easy to use as texting.

GAMMA provides an interactive messaging experience promises to replace the traditional text-based paradigm by introducing powerful new button-driven and menu-driven messages to improve productivity.

Take a look at SOPRANO GAMMA’s capabilities for the enterprise, or let us give you a ring to see how GAMMA can help your enterprise.