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WhatsApp API for Business

Meaningfully Engage Your Customers with Soprano WhatsApp Business Messaging

Build your brand with customers in their preferred mobile channel

Introducing Soprano WhatsApp API for Business

Engage with the WhatsApp community of 1.5M+ active mobile users

Whatsapp Rich interactions


Create new powerful brand experiences for your customers. The Soprano Connect platform can be used to achieve scale into your WhatsApp community, with configurable templates for bulk messaging, 2-way decision-tree tools for scripted conversations and easy management of lists and consent.

Whatsapp user experience


Soprano WhatsApp Business API is tightly integrated into the Soprano Connect interaction platform, combining one of the world’s most powerful management and administration solutions with WhatsApp, one of the world’s leading mobile engagement channels. Leverage the platform’s powerful campaign management controls, policy enforcement capabilities and real-time monitoring of interactions.

What's App Engagement


Enable more meaningful interactions with your customers by introducing your brand in a mobile channel where they prefer to engage. Begin to offer WhatsApp as a new mobile channel wherever you already offer email, SMS, voice and other channels for engagement. 

Envision the Future With Soprano WhatsApp Business API

Whatsapp For Business Messaging
  • ‘Verified Business’ account to show your users that they can trust the phone number of your business account on WhatsApp.
  • You can bring your own number to WhatsApp Business solution – either mobile, landline, or toll-free.
  • You can easily integrate you IT systems through our REST-based Template API.
  • Share and receive texts, weblinks, and customize your message to users on WhatsApp.
  • Initiate business to end-user conversations via pre-approved Message Templates with the power of customizable variables.
  • See exactly when messages are delivered, read and behavioural data.

Add a New Messaging Channel With WhatsApp Integration

Soprano WhatsApp Business API opens a new world of interaction possibilities

Whatsapp conversations

Enable Meaningful Conversations in WhatsApp

Deliver the right information to the right person through our WhatsApp Business channel. You can increase the confidence of your customers by delivering notifications such as:

  • Confirmations
  • One Time Passwords (OTP)
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Product status updates
  • Problem resolution notifications
  • Schedule changes
  • Reservation confirmations and updates
  • Security alerts & delay notifications
  • Payment updates and reminders
  • Emergency alerts
whatsapp bidirectional conversations

Create Bi-Directional Interactions

Through our WhatsApp Business channel you can deliver and receive relevant information to and from your customers. For example:

  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Facilitate customer satisfaction surveys
  • Request help desk ticket status
  • Request product status
  • Customer service workflows

Explore Use Cases For Whatsapp Messaging Services

Reminder, invoice generation

Operation notification

One Time Password

Confirmation, Cancellation and Reprogramming Appointments

Medication notification

Home Health Services appointment confirmation

Delivery and collection service

Ecommerce purchase confirmation

Package Delivery Status

Continuity survey

Last minute notification

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Connect With Millions of WhatsApp Users With Our WhatsApp API

Soprano Connect can accelerate your WhatsApp integration into your brand’s mobile strategy. Soprano Connect is a feature-rich and offers low-code or no-code API capabilities so your organization can achieve rapid integration into WhatsApp Business without the need for additional development work.

Soprano Connect Api Features