How the CPaaS market has reshaped the way we do business


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We have all seen the digital transformation of global businesses as the pandemic pushed us towards a touchless economy. But did you know it was CPaaS software (or Communication Platform as Service) that allowed businesses to innovate in this way? CPaaS market has led the way in reshaping the way businesses build relationships with their customers and raised customer expectations for real-time updates across multiple channels. In this article, I explain the role Soprano’s CPaaS played in this innovation and how businesses across the globe are using this technology to change the world.
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Mike Gannon is the Global Product Owner API Messaging at Soprano Design, he has been working for the company since August, 2012 and he is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Mike is a natural hunter in developing new business, customers, products, markets and segments. Do you want to read more articles written by Mike? Click below to read more articles or visit his LinkedIn page.

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The world we live in now has been shaped by a global pandemic and enormous shifts in how we work, shop and access services. We have seen people’s expectations change as online services become more responsive than ever. What many people don’t know is that the cpaas market allowed businesses to meet these new expectations.

This technology allows them to safely connect with customers and support the contactless (or touchless) environments and markets that we have all become so used to.

CPaaS provided the framework businesses needed to deliver real-time communication across multiple channels. Behind this framework hides the complex technical requirements that make this level of connectivity possible – to send and receive messages, almost instantly, to any customer, across different channels at once.

“CPaaS technology, and the connectivity it enables, make a real difference in people’s lives.”

A simple reminder for a COVID-19 vaccine, or a doctor’s appointment, can help people stay healthy. If your car breaks down, Soprano’s CPaas can keep you updated on when help is expected to arrive. Our software can tell you when your partner’s birthday present will arrive in the mail, keep your money safe when you make a purchase, or alert you when there’s a fire in your building.

This is the kind of technology that can reshape how we connect with one another. It has already transformed how businesses support people in real time.

CPaaS Innovation Has Reshaped the Way We Do Business Globally

The CPaaS market helped businesses adapt during the pandemic

During the lockdowns, CPaaS enabled the kind of connectivity we needed to access services and goods while stuck in our homes. While your local shops had their doors closed, they remained open online. You could order, schedule a pick-up, track your goods as they were prepared and receive a SMS to your phone when it was time for you to collect or expect delivery.

Communications Platform As A Service – How We Bring Value To You

These innovations in the customer journey were made possible by CPaaS. The communication as a service enabled many businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic by connecting the online and physical customer experience.

The global uptake of the CPaaS market to build a touchless economy

As the world was focused on containing the virus, we entered a new way of living – doing our best every day, for months at a time, to physically isolate from anyone outside our own households. As all but essential workers stayed home, businesses globally were undertaking furious digital transformation to meet the demands of the new touchless economy.

One in five businesses turned to agile “no-code” apps to meet this challenge – that is, software that can be implemented without needing to hire software developers. Soprano’s cloud-first CPaaS was one of these solutions. It was deployed across the globe to help international companies connect with customers, on whatever channel or time zone works best for them.

Soprano’s software also enabled smaller businesses with global aspirations to more easily connect with new customers, using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to ensure all their applications are talking to one another.

Our innovative customers have used our software to reshape the world

At Soprano, we have been blown away by the innovative ways that our CPaaS Platform and API’s are used by our business customers. Around the world, businesses are using our software to enhance their relationship with customers and transform their service delivery.

In the United Kingdom, our software helps the National Health Service (NHS) to send health alerts and appointment reminders across England and Scotland. During the pandemic, this kind of connectivity was key to helping the health service adapt. As GP surgeries closed, the NHS kept patients informed about the ever-changing rules around pandemic risks and health restrictions via their phones.

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We enable many of the world’s leading banks to protect their customers from financial transaction fraud, by enabling simple and user-friendly tools like a one-time password to authenticate your transactions. One leading eCommerce operating across Asia (with monthly traffic of 54.6 million in the Philippines alone) uses Soprano to protect their customers with the same security features, which have come to be expected by customers for any organization asking you to pay by card.

Another of our business customers has used our software to change the way Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) work in Manila, replacing unnecessary paper receipts with an SMS link to virtual receipts, for a more environmentally friendly solution that reduces costs.

Are you ready to innovate? Find out more about our CPaaS solutions.